Hello and welcome to my art website! My name is Balachandra Hegde, and I am a fine artist who loves to paint with watercolor, acrylic and oil mediums. I have a passion for capturing the beauty and diversity of nature in my paintings, whether it is a serene landscape, a majestic animal, or a realistic portrait. I invite you to explore my portfolio and discover the stories behind each of my artworks. I hope you enjoy my creations and feel inspired by them. If you are interested in purchasing any of my paintings or commissioning a custom piece, please contact me and I will be happy to assist you. Thank you for visiting my website and supporting my art! 😊


Wildlife paintings

Captures the beauty and diversity of life on Earth and raise awareness about the conservation of wildlife. I love wild life paintings because they fascinate me with the details, expressions, and behaviors of the animals.

Landscape paintings reflect the mood and personality of the artist, as well as the cultural and historical context of the time. They are a form of art that can inspire and delight anyone who appreciates nature.

Landscape Paintings
Still life paintings

They can reveal the beauty and meaning of everyday things that we often overlook. I admire still life paintings because they challenge me to observe and appreciate the shapes, colors, textures, and shadows of the objects.

Recent works